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Tamiflu - People rush to buy Tamiflu in wake of potential bird flu pandemic

Demand for the anti-viral drug, Tamiflu, is outstripping its supply as fears of a global influenza outbreak grow. The world health organization has issued warnings of catastrophic consequences if world leaders do not prepare for the coming avian/bird flu pandemic which experts say is inevitable and possibly imminent. World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Lee Jong-wook warned, "Failure to take this threat seriously and prepare appropriately will have catastrophic consequences."

Canadian co-founders of the International Consortium on Anti-Virals (ICAV), Drs. Jeremy Carver and Michel Chrétien, along with others have been urging governments around the world for more funding for antiviral research and drug development. The Canadian component of ICAV requires $70 million over seven years to cover the cost of infrastructure, research, management and staff, core facilities and communications. ICAV has created an international network of anti-viral researchers who have identified several compounds for the creation of anti-viral drugs which could be ready in 4 years time. ICAV's work comes just as the G-20 health minister's conference is set to take place in Canada, hosted by the Canadian government in October 2005.

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*Please note that you need a prescription to order Tamiflu.

Tamiflu History

Tamiflu was developed by Gilead Sciences in 1996 to combat avian flu and licensed to the Swiss pharmaceutical company Hoffman-La Roche who did little to promote the drug.

Tamiflu was approved by U.S. federal regulators in 1999 but the focus has been on creating new vaccines instead of creating stockpiles of Tamiflu in preparation for a coming epidemic. "Massive international collaboration is now needed on the advance preparation of global antiviral stockpiles and pandemic vaccine development," Dr. Lee advised.

Sales of Tamiflu have skyrocketed recently as the maker's of the drug ran out of stock. This has created a battle for the rights to the pill's profits between two large drug companies in the midst of a potential shortage. Third world countries threaten to produce generic versions of the drug and ignore U.S. patents while wealthy countries joust for position in the ever-expanding line to buy supplies for national stockpiles. People looking to buy Tamiflu should do so soon rather than wait and risk a shortage.

Tamiflu Information

Tamiflu prevents the replication of common flu strains in humans that occur yearly. The drug diminishes the symptoms of the flu and shortens its duration. Studies have shown the effectiveness of Tamiflu in mice infected with the deadly H5N1 virus, the current bird flu virus. "It appears that this is the only effective intervention we have once someone has been infected. It's the one treatment," said Jeffrey Levi, a policy analyst for Washington D.C.-based nonprofit Trust for America 's Health. "The problem is that we don't have enough of it." Without a bird flu vaccine, Tamiflu is the anti-viral drug of choice for avian flu because it protects organs other than just the lungs unlike its competitor, Relenza.

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*Please note that you need a prescription to order Tamiflu.

Tamiflu Sales

Sales of the prescription drug have been slow and makers of the drug complain that Roche is not doing enough to promote the drug. It is also difficult to sell influenza drugs due to the fact that it has to be taken within 48 hours of the presence of symptoms according to Sharon Seiler, an analyst for Punk, Ziegel & Co. Since the warnings from the WHO, sales have surged from $76 million in 2001 to $456 million for the first half of 2005.

Roche has doubled its capacity to manufacture Tamiflu in 2004 and then again this year. They plan a similar expansion next year along with including some of its U.S. factories in the production. One of the problems is that Tamiflu is a difficult and time-consuming drug to make. In spite of these expansions, Roche still won't be able to meet the demands for Tamiflu in the case of a pandemic. Everyone needs to prepare now before Tamiflu stockpiles run out. It is likely that many U.S. citizens will order Tamiflu from a Canadian pharmacy possibly increasing the shortage of Tamiflu at Canadian pharmacies.

Prevent risk of supply shortage - Buy Tamiflu Now!
*Please note that you need a prescription to order Tamiflu.

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